Given the challenges to strengthen technical capacities and contribute to the SDG Agenda 2030, working collaboratively and in partnership is crucial for the FAO elearning Academy in order to:

Exploit the comparative advantages and strengths of each institution for the benefit of all

Strategically develop capacities, and share resources, expertise, scientific literature and innovations

Jointly work on areas of common interest for the same goals, and to face the global challenges humanity is confronted with

Create an enabling environment that contributes to the sustainable economic and social advancement of member countries

Partnership is achieved by exchanging expertise, sharing innovations and shared design, development and delivery of competency-based capacity development interventions.

The FAO elearning Academy strategically and actively engages with various types of partners such as United Nations agencies, development agencies, international and intergovernmental organizations, private sector, academic and research institutions, CSOs and NGOs, and others mentioned below.

These institutions share similar goals as FAO, which are:

1) the promotion of innovation

2) multilingualism and

3) capacity development and accessible free education, offering the most current and cutting-edge content that integrates new ideas, methodologies, practices and new technologies.

Together with its partner organizations, the FAO e-learning Academy seeks to promote collaboration in gender and culturally sensitive capacity development programmes, which are by nature interdisciplinary and international.

Partner Institutions by type
Universities, academic institutions and research centres
United Nations, development agencies and regional organizations
International networks and global initiatives
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