Topic outline

  • General

    Addressing Disputes and Conflicts over the Tenure of Natural Resources

    Addressing Disputes and Conflicts over the Tenure of Natural Resources

    This course provides guidance on managing competition over the use of land, fisheries and forests. It introduces a process for analyzing the underlying causes of disputes and conflicts. It also illustrates a range of dispute resolution mechanisms and options for policy and legal reforms to prevent disputes and reduce vulnerability to conflict.

    Duration:  3 hours   Publication Date:  July 2014

    • System Requirements

      For the online version of this course it is necessary to have the Adobe Flash player installed and enabled in your browser. Please be aware that the course is not supported by iOS (iPad or iPhone). 

      The downloadable version only runs on Windows PC’s and no additional software is needed.

      • Audience

        The curriculum primarily addresses “change agents” - i.e. people who can have a direct impact by introducing changes in how tenure is governed. They include national policy makers and administrators, surveyors, trainers, legal support providers, civil society and non-governmental organizations, advocacy, control and monitoring professionals.

        • You will learn about

          • Causes of different types of disputes and conflicts
          • How to select analytical tools to assess disputes and conflicts
          • Institutions and mechanisms for dispute resolution
          • How to facilitate effective and accessible dispute resolution
          • Options in policy, law and practice for reducing tenure-related tensions