Topic outline

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    The course introduces the principles and concept of the human right to adequate food and its practical application. It also provides an overview of the historical development of this human right, the human rights based approach to development, recourse mechanisms, the Right to Food Guidelines and describes the rights, obligations and responsibilities of rights-holders and duty-bearers of the right to food.

    • System Requirements

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      The content of the course is also available in text format (pdf).

      • Audience

        The major learner groups for the course include:

        • UN Country teams and FAO staff
        • Practitioners
        • NGOs/CSOs
        • GeneralPublic/Civil Society, and
        • Academic institutions

        • You will learn about

          • Human rights-based approach to development
          • Concept of the right to adequate food
          • Rights and obligations
          • Recourse mechanisms
          • History of the right to adequate food
          • Right to food guidelines
          • Right to food in practice

          • Course structure

            The course consists of 7 lessons, ranging from approximately 30 to 45 minutes duration each:

            • Lesson 1 - Human Rights-based Approach to Development
            • Lesson 2 - The concept of the Right to Adequate Food
            • Lesson 3 - Rights and Obligations
            • Lesson 4 - Recourse Mechanisms
            • Lesson 5 - History of the Right to Adequate Food
            • Lesson 6 - The Right to Food Guidelines
            • Lesson 7 - The Right to Food in Practice

            • Partners

              German Ministry of Food and Agriculture