Topic outline

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    This course describes the different steps required to produce a scientific or technical project publication, from development to dissemination of the final document. It also explains principles for writing, structuring the text and creating illustrations, and provides guidance on distribution channels and promotion methods.

      • System Requirements

        The interactive version of the course is available as a downloadable package and only runs on Windows PC’s and doesn't require any additional software. Please read the following instructions.

        The content of the course is also available in text format (pdf).

        • Audience

          The course is targeted to scientists from research and development institutions or universities. It mainly concerns researchers engaged in agricultural research and rural development.

          • You will learn about

            • Different types of scientific and technical publications
            • Selection criteria for choosing of scientific and technical information
            • The basics of scientific and technical writing
            • Publishing process step-by-step
            • Methods, channels and legal aspects for dissemination and promotion of scientific publications

            • Course structure

              The course consists of 20 lessons, ranging from approximately 20 to 180 minutes duration each, grouped into six units:

              Unit 1 - Preparing a publication project
              • Lesson 1.1 - Why publish?
              • Lesson 1.2 - Choosing a type of publication
              • Lesson 1.3 - Planning a publicaton project

              Unit 2 - Using sources of information
              • Lesson 2.1 - Identifying sources of information
              • Lesson 2.2 - Accessing information
              • Lesson 2.3 - Managing your reference list

              Unit 3 - Writing to be read and understood
              • Lesson 3.1 - Using a clear and accurate style
              • Lesson 3.2 - Structuring and supporting your argument
              • Lesson 3.3 - Structuring the text
              • Lesson 3.4 - Designing Tables and figures

              Unit 4 - Publishing a scientific article
              • Lesson 4.1 - Choosing a journal
              • Lesson 4.2 - Preparing the components of an article
              • Lesson 4.3 - Writing the article
              • Lesson 4.4 - Submitting the article to a journal

              Unit 5 - Producing a technical document
              • Lesson 5.1 - Scientific extension documents
              • Lesson 5.2 - Preparing a data sheet
              • Lesson 5.3 - Preparing a technical manual
              • Lesson 5.4 - Designing a poster

              Unit 6 - Promoting your publication
              • Lesson 6.1 - Disseminating your publication
              • Lesson 6.2 - Communicating about your publication

              • Partners

                CIRAD - Agricultural Research for Development International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) Information Management Resource Kit