Topic outline

  • General

    Nutrition, Food Security and Livelihoods: Basic concepts

    Nutrition, Food Security and Livelihoods: Basic concepts

    This course explains the concepts of food and nutrition, malnutrition, food security and livelihoods. Understanding these concepts is indeed very important in order to assess the nutrition situation, design and implement programmes, investments and policies that address nutrition problems (also called “nutrition-sensitive”), and evaluate the nutritional outcomes of programmes, investments and policies.

    Duration:  35 minutes  Publication Date:  August 2015

    • System Requirements

      The online version of this course runs on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari. In order to access this course on Internet Explorer or Firefox, you must install and enable Adobe Flash player.

      The downloadable version only runs on Windows PC’s and no additional software is needed.

      • Audience

        The course is designed to assist professionals from a variety of sectors (agriculture, livestock, fisheries, health, rural development, education, social protection...) that are involved in shaping and implementing nutrition-sensitive programmes, investments and policies. This includes professionals working for development partners (i.e. international organizations, donor agencies, NGOs), for national governments or as independent consultants.

        • You will learn about

          • Food and Nutrition related concepts and definitions
          • Nutrient requirements and balanced diet
          • Different forms of malnutrition
          • Causes of malnutrition
          • Food Security and Livelihoods