Topic outline

  • General

    SDG Indicator 5.a.1 - Equal tenure rights for women on agricultural land

    This course focuses on SDG Indicator 5.a.1, which is one of two indicators that focus on women’s ownership and/or control over agricultural land. As this is a statistical based indicator, after introducing its key concepts, definitions and rationale, the course offers detailed guidance both on data collection and manipulation, and computation of the various sub-indicators.

    Duration:  2.5 hours Publication Date:  January 2018

    • System Requirements

      The online version of this course runs on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari. In order to access this course on Internet Explorer or Firefox, you must install and enable Adobe Flash player.

      The downloadable version only runs on Windows PC’s and no additional software is needed.

      • Audience

        The target audience of this course includes:

        • Directors and senior staff of national statistical offices
        • Statisticians of national statistical offices
        • FAO regional statisticians
        • Policy makers or advisors
        • Representatives from legal and human rights institutions

        • You will learn about

          The course consists of 4 lessons, ranging from approximately 30 to 40 minutes duration each:

          • Lesson 1 Introduction to indicator on equal tenure rights for women on agricultural land
          • Lesson 2 Definitions
          • Lesson 3 Collecting the data
          • Lesson 4 Computing the 5.a.1 Indicator