Topic outline

Ciguatera poisoning is one of the most common foodborne illnesses related to consumption of fishery products, caused by ingesting seafood that have been contaminated by ciguatoxins (CTXs). This course is designed to help learners understand the ecology of the causative organisms, as well as the potential hazard of fish contamination and consequent illnesses. The course proposes tools, approaches and strategies for the design and implementation of environmental, food safety and epidemiological monitoring, with a view to developing a well-informed ciguatera risk management plan.


This e-learning course targets food safety and fishery authorities, policy- makers, doctors and health managers. The course is also meant for trainers and students interested in ciguatera poisoning, and for fishing and fish processing workers, who can help to identify hazards associated with fish products, in order to smooth the formulation of control strategies.

  • Recognizing the organisms responsible for ciguatera and to monitor their occurrence in coastal environments.
  • Understanding the risk of seafood contamination with toxins responsible for ciguatera and the options available for food safety management.
  • Classifying the symptoms of the food-borne illness ciguatera and options for implementation of a surveillance programme.
  • Assessing the risk of ciguatera and develop management options to protect human health and seafood safety.

The course consists of 4 lessons, ranging from approximately 30 to 45 minutes duration each: 

  • Lesson 1 – The causative organisms of ciguatera 
  • Lesson 2 – Food safety: Ciguatoxin monitoring in fishery resources)  
  • Lesson 3 – Public Health: Ciguatera illness monitoring and reporting 
  • Lesson 4 – Risk management

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The downloadable version only runs on Windows PC’s and no additional software is needed.

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