Topic outline

International Technical Webinar

Thursday 15 July 2021, 14:30 - 15:30 Europe/Rome

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Ms Beth Bechdol (FAO)
Ms Marcela Villarreal (FAO)
Ms Beatrice Ghirardini (FAO)
Mr Tom Wambeke (ITC-ILO)
Ms Karina Crespo (FAO)
Ms Cristina Petracchi (FAO)

Objectives of the session

  • Present the new FAO elearning Academy guide on the different methodologies and good practices for the design and delivery of e-learning solutions; 
  • Describe various pedagogical models: mobile learning solutions, gaming, use of the scenario-based approach, videos etc.; 
  • Describe the international certification offered, through the digital badges system.
  • E-learning methodologies and good practices: A guide for designing and delivering e-learning solutions from the FAO elearning Academy (Second Edition)

    cover of the methodologies report
    The guide provides basic concepts and information on the processes and resources involved in e-learning development, which may be of interest to human resource (HR) and capacity-development managers. The content of this guide is based on consolidated instructional design models and learning theories and incorporates more than 15 years of experience of the FA0 elearning Academy, including work practices, standards and quality criteria adopted for the delivery of learning programmes and self-paced e-learning courses in development contexts.

    Please click here to find the interactive version of the guide.