Topic outline

International Technical Webinar

Wednesday 17 November 2021, 14:30 - 16:00 Europe/Rome

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Mr Julian Fox
Ms Rocio Cóndor-Golec (FAO)
Mr Fabio Picinich (FAO)
Ms Rebecca Tavani (FAO)
Mr  Saah A. David (Forestry Development Authority, Liberia)
Mr Rodrigo Rodas (National Forest Institute of Guatemala)
Mr Lutz Fehrmann (University of Göttingen)
Ms Emily Donegan (FAO)

Objectives of the session

  • Highlight the importance of national forest monitoring systems (NFMS) and National Forest Inventories to support climate action;
  • Share knowledge, experience and capacity needs for the implementation of forest monitoring from Guatemala and Liberia; and
  • Launch of FAO’s national forest inventory (NFI) online training modules to facilitate NFIs design and implementation and support forest data analysis for policy and decision-making.