Topic outline


    Investing responsibly in agricultural land

    This learning path is intended to help investors act with due diligence to achieve socially responsible and financially sustainable land-based investments in developing countries, by applying the principles of the "Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security".

    It includes the assessment tool "How risky is your investment?”, the course "Responsible governance of tenure: a technical guide for investors", the scenario-based assessment "Are you a responsible investor?".

    Publication Date:  December 2019

    • System Requirement

      This learning path is responsive and works on all modern browsers on both PC and mobile 

      • Audience

        This learning path is aimed at those organizations that provide capital or manage funds that are used for investing in and/or operating land-based assets.

        In particular, it is directed at the following categories of investors:

        • Asset owners
        • Land aggregators
        • Asset managers
        • State-owned companies or sovereign wealth fund
        • Multinational companies
        • Financial services sector
        • Bilateral or multilateral development banks
        • Commodity traders

        • You will learn about

          • Principles of responsible land based investments
          • The process to carry out a responsible investment
          • Risk factors to be considered before proceeding in the investment process
          • Measures that can be adopted to mitigate investment risks related to land based assets in developing countries

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