Topic outline

  • Increasing the impact of rural poverty reduction strategies

    This course is the fourth in a series of e-learning courses on Rural Poverty Reduction. It describes important approaches through which the impact of rural poverty reduction strategies can be increased. These include poverty profiles, poverty maps and targeting.

    Duration:  1 hour 20 minutes          Publication Date: December 2019

    • System Requirements

      The online version of this course runs on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari. In order to access this course on Internet Explorer or Firefox, you must install and enable Adobe Flash player.

      The downloadable version only runs on Windows PC’s and no additional software is needed.

      • Audience

        The courses aims to support an integrated, multisectoral approach to rural poverty reduction, by improving the knowledge and capacities of a range of professionals, including:

        • Policy-makers, administrators and officers 
        • Researchers
        • Development practitioners
        • Members of civil society and rural organizations

        • You will learn about

          • Poverty profiles, poverty maps and targeting as tools for ensuring that rural poverty reduction interventions most effectively reach the poor rural population groups who need them.
          • The importance of scaling up rural poverty reduction interventions, in order to reach a greater number of people and more effectively and sustainable eradicate rural poverty.
          • How territorial development provides a new context-specific and bottom-up approach to rural poverty reduction.

          • Course structure

            The course consists of 3 lessons, ranging from approximately 20 to 30 minutes duration each:

            •  Lesson 1 - Poverty profiles, poverty maps and targeting
            • Lesson 2 - Scaling up rural poverty reduction interventions
            • Lesson 3 - A territorial approach to rural poverty reduction

            • Partners