Topic outline

  • This course analyses climate change impacts on agriculture, food security and food systems and provides an overview of the main climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies in agriculture. It also introduces the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) approach and describes the 5-step process to implement it.

    • System Requirements

      The online version of this course runs on the latest versions of Chrome and Safari. In order to access this course on Internet Explorer or Firefox, you must install and enable Adobe Flash player.

      The downloadable version only runs on Windows PC’s and no additional software is needed.

      • Audience

        This course addresses the subject matter from a technical perspective, but is written for the general public. Individuals who would especially benefit from taking the course include:

        • Policy makers
        • Development practitioners and programme managers
        • Sectoral specialists and academics
        • Trainers and extension agents

        • You will learn about

          The course consists of 4 lessons, ranging from approximately 15 to 25 minutes duration each:

          • Lesson 1 Climate change and global warming
          • Lesson 2 Impacts of climate change on agriculture and food security
          • Lesson 3 Basics of adaption and mitigation in the agricultural sectors
          • Lesson 4 Climate-smart agriculture