Topic outline

International Technical Webinar

Wednesday 13 December 2023, 15:00 - 16:30 Europe/Rome

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Mr Giovanni Munoz (Chief, East and Southern Africa Service, FAO Investment Centre)
Mr Mohamed Manssouri (Director, FAO Investment Centre)
Ms Ida Christensen (Senior Rural Sociologist, FAO Investment Centre)
Ms Monica Romano (Poverty and Inclusion Specialist, FAO Inclusive Rural Transformation and Gender Equality Division)
Ms Cristina Petracchi (Leader of the FAO elearning Academy)
Mr Chriss Brett (Leader Agribusiness Specialist, World Bank)
Mr Adriano Campolina (FAO Senior Policy Officer)
Ms Beatrice Gerli (Senior Gender and Targeting Specialist, International Fund for Agricultural Development)
Ms Annah Rutebuka Muja (Senior Social Safeguards Specialist, African Development Bank)
Ms Francesca Russo (Senior Social Development Specialist, European Investment Bank)

Objectives of the session

  • Offer introductory insights into the contents of three social analysis guides and e-learning courses;
  • Outline the relevance of the guidance materials for improving the quality of agrifood investment strategies and operations; and
  • Describe how FAO and International Financial Institutions (IFIs) partners can use the guides and e-learning courses and disseminate them through their networks.